• Java Bentley
    "My art practice has revolved around sculptural installation. I am interested in objects that push the boundaries and that can be activated in multiple spheres of interpretation."
  • Amy MacKinnon
    Amy paints mainly in acrylic and mixed media. She works as a graphic artist, cartoonist, illustrator and tutor.
  • Andrew Barns-Graham
    Andrew Barns-Graham's style is distinctive and completely appropriate when considering his subject matter.
  • Annie Smits Sandano
    Since beginning her career as a professional printmaker, Annie has shown in numerous group exhibitions throughout New Zealand, Australia and select cities in the USA
  • Antony Densham
    Antony Densham has always had a fascination with paper. Graduating from Elam in 2006 with a BFA and Postgrad Diploma in 2011, Antony has transformed paper found into forms of translation, meaning and exposing.
  • Carol Lee-Honson
    Carol Lee-Honson is primarily a painter and draws from many sources including her Chinese heritage.
  • Catherine Manchester
    Catherine Manchester was born in Auckland in 1957 and gained a BA in Literature at Victoria University, Wellington.
  • Cathy Carter
    Cathy Carter is a photographic artist, based in Grey Lynn, Auckland. Her work explores bodies of water as physical, cultural, and unique environmental 'landscapes'.
  • Cora-Allan Wickliffe
    Cora-Allan Wickliffe is a multidisciplinary artist of Maori and Niue descent, originally from Waitakere.
  • Cruz Jimenez
    Cruz conjures the tension of the modern anxiety about the future coupled with certainty of present condition and puts it in conversation with the primordial, all through his own special lens.
  • Cruz and Isaac
    Cruz Jimenez & Isaac Katzoff have collaborated on many an exhibition and continue to wow the crowds.
  • Dean Whittaker
    It is my lifelong fascination with story and myth that drives me to render my art in an 'illustrative' manner.
  • Deborah Moss
    "I create expressive artworks filled with stories and emotions inspired by the extraordinary natural world I'm surrounded by."
  • Denise Batchelor
    Based in the Hokianga, my work as a visual artist focuses on the minutia found in fleeting moments ' the hidden details unobserved or overlooked in passing.
  • Dominique Baker
    Dominique Baker is a painter, carver and printmaker, born and raised on the North Shore of Auckland.
  • Ekaterina Dimieva
    Ekaterina's work explores imaginary worlds and alternate realities. She is interested in how painting might induce sensations of wonder and awe, bliss and expansiveness.
  • Fiona Lee Graham
    "I have an ongoing interest in the internal, spiritual journey and with exploring the materiality of paint."
  • Fiona Small
    My paintings have their own unique journey.
  • Flox
    An aerosol and stencil artist with a fine art degree, Flox first made her mark on the inner cityscape of Auckland in 2003. Her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers ' a celebration of Aotearoa's environmental taonga ' vibrant, confident colour; and scale combined with delicacy; magically transformed grey walls into vibrant depictions of the natural world.
  • Frances Rood
    Influenced by my past work as a Set Designer for Theatre, this group of work with its simplified forms and reduced visual language, has an underlying architectural approach.
  • Gareth Stehr
    Hailing from Norfolk Island growing up in howick, Auckland New Zealand. Gareth then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a professional skateboarder. In Los Angeles he began showing at local galleries and developing his style as a fine artist. Now residing in Melbourne gareth has had shows across the globe and continues to develop his unique style painting or creating every day. Gareth’s style is constantly evolving while he experiments with different medias, often building his own panels he also enjoys creating in the realm of modern sculpture. Currently perfecting his new technique of abstract figurative gareth is exploring the abstraction of modern beauty in a digital world. Gareth enjoys invoking strong emotions from the viewer using bright bold colours and the theory behind them.
  • George Hajian
    George has an MFA from Elam School of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) and is in the last stages of his doctorate at the University of Auckland.
  • Georgie Malyon
    "I love flowers, I could never tire of them. I'm always on the lookout for new, adventurous ways to work with flora and make beautiful things."
  • Greer Clayton
    In her art the subject matter is always landscape, abstracted using diffused line and glazing with mixed media, flat and pearlised acrylic. Her signature style is often moody, smudged and ethereal.
  • Greg Johanson
    Johanson's work has its theoretical basis in an investigation of the structures and processes of our physical environment; his is essentially an appreciation of the beauty of the unseen, underlying order of the seemingly chaotic physical world.
  • Greg Page
    A successful painter that has exhibited throughout New Zealand and his works hang not only in collections such as The Wallace Arts Trust but in the living rooms of comediennes Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.
  • Guy Needham
    Guy Needham is a photographer whose worldview was shaped by growing up on the East Coast of New Zealand.
  • Hana Carpenter
    Hana's work stems from a long-held fascination with the body's subterrain.
  • A multidisciplinary artist most well-known for her carved work, Hannah Jensen graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2004 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in printmaking, and transferred her skills to the painted medium in her postgraduate practice, developing a unique stylistic approach.
  • Henry Symonds
    The night as refuge and time for uninterrupted creative endeavour informs this suite of paintings. Hence the collective title Night Watch.
  • Hikaru Good is an Auckland based, multimedia artist taking inspiration from the everyday and the Internet. She documents her observations through different forms of doodling, such as drawing, writing, and snapchatting.
  • Ian McRae
    Never without his camera, Ian McRae is as passionate about photography today as he was when he was fresh faced and new to it all 20 years ago.
  • Ilan Wittenberg
    Ilan's journey as a photographer began in 2011 and was quickly recognised as one to watch, winning a plethora of national and international awards.
  • Isaac Katzoff
    Isaac Katzoff's work showcases his interest in the everyday object. Items found in garages and tool sheds, often maligned or invisible but yet integral to making, fixing and building by hand.
  • Janna van Hasselt
    There is a constant shift between two and three dimensions and different scales. Pieces are in a dynamic and ever evolving dialogue; each piece informing the next with relationships evident between form, surface and material.
  • Jo Dalgety
    Jo's landscapes are about the people who have lived and left; their memories, bones and detritus. She imagines all that is buried within the land and is interested in how it holds memories, like a skin across bones.
  • Jules Turner
    UK born, Jules came to Aotearoa in 1991 after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art.
  • Juliette Laird
    Juliette Laird combines materials and processes from both domestic and artistic traditions, using techniques that are often laborious and repetitive.
  • Kate Banazi
    Her work is experimental, intuitive and often playful, with bold colour and graphic elements a key reference. Science, space travel and colour theory hold great interest and are often referenced in her work.
  • Kiran McKinnon
    Kiran's work engages with experience and memory, particularly of the sensations of the natural world
  • Kirsty Black
    Kirsty Black loves to unleash colour, shape, line, and form to create refreshing, expressive abstract artworks.
  • Kylie Rusk
    Kylie Rusk is an artist using paints and print to represent the New Zealand landscape she is inspired by.
  • Larisse Hall
    Seeking unity and harmony, Larisse's work celebrates our gregarious nature, acknowledging various states of friendship and personal relationship.
  • Lena Ochkalova
    Lena Ochkalova (b. 1977) is an Auckland based multidisciplinary abstract artist.
  • Leon Rose
    I'm an observer. I guess I always have been, from my early years when I was a severe epileptic child.
  • Liam Davidson
    Liam studied at the Julian Ashton Art School 1968-69, then gained a Bachelor of Art at New South Wales, Australia and Auckland universities, and studied printmaking under Marilyn Webb and Barry Cleavin.
  • Libby McColl
    If you've ever found yourself in a long abandoned environment, you'll know of the strange energy, the unnerving presence about it.
  • Louise McRae
    Louise McRae's sculptural, wall-based assemblages bring discarded building materials and the debris of her rural environment into new frames of reference.
  • Lukeke Design
    In recent years Katherine Rutecki (New York, USA) and Luke Jacomb (Auckland, New Zealand) have respectively risen to the forefront of the international studio glass movement. In 2006 they introduced Lukeke Design and created a studio in Avondale, Auckland (New Zealand), where they still operate from today.
  • LyZadie Design Studio
    New Zealand artist and archidesigner, mentioned as Designer To Watch after Milan Design Week 2019, Lyzadie Renault's creations embody the luxury of natural materials, timeless and unique design and exquisite New Zealand craftsmanship.
  • Lyn Dallison
    Small intimate sculptures, combining found objects and made objects, bear witness to the environmental issues that Lyn records in her drawings.
  • Mandy Thomsett-Taylor
    "I cannot recall a time when I was not making stuff, drawing, painting and day dreaming"
  • Mareea Vegas
    Mareea Vegas is a New Zealand-based photographer and musician, her background includes studies and qualifications in photography and music.
  • Margaret Petchell
    From a creative background in New Zealand's fashion, film and television industry, and with a lifelong love and appreciation of beauty, colour and detail, Margaret's progression into painting sixteen years ago was a natural extension of her creative life.
  • Meghan Geliza Jackson
    Meghan Geliza Jackson is an Auckland-based visual and installation artist.
  • Melissa Durbin
    An Auckland based performance and installation artist, Melissa Durbin, graduated from the Art and Design Honours program at AUT in 2005.
  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy (aka Malangeo) creates wonderfully weird portraits of "creepy-cute" critters, macabre beasties & fragile floral beings.
  • Natalie Tozer
    Natalie's distinct style has seen her selected for the Wallace Collection, an invited artist for Pavilion at the Headland Sculpture on the Gulf Waiheke, for the Art in the Dark Exhibition in 2012.
  • PJ Paterson
    My art practice revolves around subjects that cause me internal conflict.
  • Pamela Tinning
    In her exploration of colour and form, Pamela Tinning hopes to engage her viewer in an emotional experience.
  • Paul Chapman
    Paul Chapman is an Auckland based artist. He graduated from AUT in 2006 with a Master of Art & Design. His practice switches between printmaking and photography.
  • Paul X Walsh
    Paul X Walsh is New Zealand's most prolific public artist, with a dozen murals and over 50 utility box artworks around the country.
  • Peter Miller
    "My work has its origins in the Dutch Vanitas still life paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries, the period during and following the boom time in the tulip trade in the Nederland."
  • Phil Richards
    Brought up in West Wales and studied architecture, lived in London for 20 years and moved to New Zealand in 2016. Love the contrast of the city and the outdoors.
  • Priscilla Hunter
    Auckland based artist Priscilla Hunter, born 1988, recently completed an MFA at Whitecliffe (2018).
  • Rebecca Wallis
    Wallis often exhibits a slipping away and a resisting of containment, referring to the allusive experience of this understanding, outside that of language, informed by the theories of Kristeva.
  • Rene Jansen
    Sculptor Rene Jansen has a background in art and design and in recent years has been a resident artist at the Cornbans Art centre.
  • Robyn Fleet
    Robyn's work is about her 'process' of how she arrives at her images. It is the intention of her work to suggest avenues of emotion and thought, the human experience through sensations of materiality and tactility.
  • Rosemary Theunissen
    My focus on space and dimension combines with the physicality of the paint and the variable surface to both undermine and support pictorial logic.
  • Ross Lewis
    Landscape painting has always played a part in Lewis's oeuvre, as inspirations the work of Claude Lorrain, Caspar David Friedrich, and John Constable ruled supreme.
  • Sam Dollimore
    Sam dollimore is based in Porirua. She works mainly across drawing, object making, and video media depending on what tickles her most at the time.
  • Sarah Williams
    Her imagery comprises quiet and solitary spaces - staircases, empty rooms, corridors and the like - those banal interstitial spaces we move through every day and rarely pause to consider or appreciate.
  • Sha Ganjali
    Born in Tehran, amidst the Iran-Iraq war, I was never a stranger to anything war related.
  • Sharon Duymel
    I like to paint simple, beautiful forms that are not trying to be anything other than what they are, no complex meanings, just open honest gestures displaying the effects of being weathered by the varying storms of life.
  • Studio 6
    A shared artist space based in the Sunday School Building at 323 Queen Street in Auckland
  • Susan Thomas
    Susan Thomas is an Auckland painter. She was raised in Wellington and has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions. She has works in many private and corporate collections including the Wallace Arts Trust, ANZ, Caltex and the NZ Wool Board.
  • Tevita Sung
    Contrasting high-key colours are juxtaposed to evoke a sense of strata and depth. Sung's works describe an emotional, even utopian experience of the NZ landscape
  • The Jersey Collective
    Jersey was formed in 2000 to offer mutual support as we developed our individual practices.
  • Tracy Porteous
    My art practice is based in Queenstown and revolves around the central theme of Light.
  • Veronika Maser
    Veronika Maser's woven wire sculptures chart and subdivide space with beguiling optical effects. They also resemble microorganisms in diagrammatic form, suggesting patterns for harmonious and sustainable growth.
  • Wesley John Fourie
    Wesley John Fourie is an artist based on the Milford Track in UNESCO World Heritage Site, 'Fiordland National Park' on the west coast of New Zealand's south island Te Waipounamu. Their work explores the themes of nature, and spirituality.
  • Zoë
  • virginiejg
    The artist virginiejg composes her images to create unique, artistic, emotional and narrative experiences for the viewer.