Jamie Chapman

Jamie Chapman was born in the United Kingdom. His family immigrated to New Zealand and settled in Whangarei when he was 2 years old. 

Chapman studied his first year of a Fine Arts degree at Whitecliffe College, Auckland before travelling to Europe. He returned to Auckland to pursue and complete his Master’s degree at Elam, School of Fine Arts in 2012.

In 2012 Chapman was the recipient of the Joe Raynes Scholarship, University of Auckland and in 2013 was the winner of the National Youth Art Award run by ArtsPost, 120 Victoria Street, Hamilton. His work is held in the Wallace Arts Trust collection.


Do you have a favourite colour? Prussian Blue

How do you take your coffee? Flat white

Is there something you can’t live without in your studio? My brushes and the smell of linseed oil

Who is your favourite artist of all time + now? Why? Diego Velázquez, 362 years on his brush strokes are still the freshest paint work around. Alive - Gerhard Richter, I really enjoy his exploration of the painted photograph

5 words that explain you or your art? Just a regular old chap