Shona Tawhaio

Artist Designer and Weaver.

(Ngāi Te Rangi)

Shona Tawhiao, an internationally acclaimed artist, is recognized for her contemporary woven garments that fuse traditional Māori materials and techniques. Her designs have graced screens, stages, and runways globally. With a deep connection to her Māori identity, Tawhiao seamlessly blends traditional and modern elements, often highlighting warrior themes. Her wearable art pieces are bold, dramatic, and sculptural. Showcasing her work at renowned events like New Zealand Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Melbourne Fashion Week, Tawhiao continues to solidify her status as a revered artist and designer.

Māori fibre artist of mahi raranga, Shona’s signature ‘harakeke couture’ often makes a dramatic and memorable entrance through sculptural forms and wāhine toa. History of war, culture, and power are concepts Shona explores through her design process coupled with labour-intensive weaving.