Melissa Durbin

An Auckland based performance and installation artist, Melissa Durbin, graduated from the Art and Design Honours program at AUT in 2005.

Her current series of work explores the many faces of the moon and its importance as a reflector. Film, TV footage, folklore and performance are blended together to capture a fragmented portrait of our moon and a reflection on humanities past, present and future. The moon has always been an object of desire, fantasy and fiction throughout history. It has inspired countless movies, stories and rituals and is a fascinating site for speculation and exploration in the scientific world.

The moon has also become a trophy for governments to demonstrate their power and prowess to the world. Each story told and goal set towards the moon seizes our imaginations while simultaneously revealing more about us than we may be willing to admit about our fears, ambitions, beliefs, values and desires. The moon has and continues to divine the hearts of humanity, a mirror of humankind.

5 questions, 5 answers

Do you have a favourite colour?

No, but I have a least favourite colour - brown

How do you take your coffee?

Dark, hot and strong and nutty

Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

Productive distraction and many cups of tea

Who is your favourite artist?

Pipilotti Rist

5 words that explain you or your art?

Video camera + girl + ideas + absurdity