Jules Turner

Academic achievements include a Masters in Art and Design and a Diploma in Secondary School Education. Jules lives and works in Auckland.

This current body of work involves applying silver leaf onto inkjet photographic paper, photographic images are then printed onto the metallic finish. The end product has similar qualities to the Daguerreotype and Collodion processes.

As the audience engages with these images their appearance alters depending on the viewing angle. As the subject matter is resolved, the unmistakable and iconic figure of Mick Jagger plays across the surface.

The techniques Jules has employed and the effects of the images themselves are a vehicle for the scopophilic intent of this project. For 3 years Jules has been obsessively collecting photographs, spooling through footage, and cataloguing her obsessive fascination with this figure, Mick Jagger. Her obsession refuses to settle, on one side there is the photographic object and on the other the ‘crisis’ of encountering images of this man.