Deborah Moss

"I create expressive artworks filled with stories and emotions inspired by the extraordinary natural world I’m surrounded by."

Although she often starts with a point of enquiry and research prior to beginning works, space is always allowed for spontaneous and intuitive gestural marks to play alongside more deliberate symbolic elements which form part of her growing visual vocabulary. External influences frequently collide with psychological explorations to become internal landscapes on Deborah's chosen medium - a type of visual poetry which abstract art lends itself to beautifully.

Recently Deborah has been focusing on building more layers in her work and experimenting with a variety of tools in addition to brushes.

"I love the variety of marks that can be achieved and the visceral effect it evokes. Conveying the energy and emotional response to my muse is always paramount in my practice."

5 questions, 5 answers

Do you have a favourite colour?

If I had to limit it to just one I’d have to choose green.

How do you take your coffee?

To my husband.

I'm not a coffee drinker but love herbal teas... T2's "Strawberries and Cream" a firm favourite.

Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

Music, my dog and definitely a heater in winter.

Who is your favourite artist of all time + now? Why?

Visual? Performing? Literary? Too many to name. Too hard to narrow it down and it would be a five hour essay for me!

But I do love the way the late Pat Hanly and contemporary NZ sculptor Chris Booth respond to matters of social conscience in their art.

I have to mention Aboriginal artists - I've never seen a work by any Aboriginal artist that I don’t have a visceral response to.

Are there 5 words that explain you or your art?

Passionate, Authentic, Generous, Colourful, Sensitive