Juliette Laird

Juliette Laird combines materials and processes from both domestic and artistic traditions, using techniques that are often laborious and repetitive.

Her working methods are based on playful exploration, looking to create layered meanings and visual metaphors. Preferring a hands-on approach, she shapes the work around stories, experiences and sites. Her work has been influenced by a range of artists who are interested in material properties and allusions, such as Eva Hesse and the Surrealists. She has a particular interest in issues of place and identity.

Since completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2005 she has exhibited regularly, mostly in group shows and increasingly outdoors and is also involved in art education at primary and tertiary level.

5 questions, 5 answers

Do you have a favourite colour?

Red [at the moment]

How do you take your coffee?

Single shot flat white

Is there something you can't live without in your studio?

Supply of threads of various sorts

Who is your favourite artist of all time + now? Why?

Eva Hesse + Louise Bourgeois now

5 words that explain you or your art?

tactile, hand-made, ambiguous, political, gestural [lines]