Priscilla Hunter

Auckland based artist Priscilla Hunter, born 1988, recently completed an MFA at Whitecliffe (2018).

Exhibitions throughout the Auckland region include shows at State (2019), Malcolm Smith (2017), and DEMO (2016). Her work was also included in the Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards Exhibition at Sanderson Contemporary (2018). Hunter’s current practice involves creating precise, overly saturated paintings and soft sculptural fabric works.

There is a focus on human perception of place and colour that comes about in parallels with the ideals of German Romanticism, and an exploration into historical and modern views of the natural world.

5 questions, 5 answers

Do you have a favourite colour?


How do you take your coffee?

I don’t like coffee! I’d rather have a chai latte J

Is there something you can't live without in your studio?

My cosy painting scarf

Who is your favourite artist of all time + now? Why?

will always love Henri Rousseau, because of his childlike obsession with exotic animals and jungles, and the way he could translate his own urban city setting into a painted wilderness. And right now, I love all the incredible sound suits Nick Cave makes. They’re bold and powerful and completely embrace over-decoration and embellishment, as well as combining the worlds of art and fashion to create a statement with performance.

5 words that explain you or your art?

Vibrant, over-saturated, playful, natural and artifical