Gareth Stehr

Gareth Stehr is a multi faceted artist and here at Grey one facet is shown in his painterly expertise. 

Hailing from Norfolk Island growing up in Howick, Auckland New Zealand. Gareth then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a professional skateboarder. In Los Angeles he began showing at local galleries and developing his style as a fine artist. Exhibiting in New Zealand and across the globe. First solo show at Grey in 2021 during the lockdown, enevitably an online exhibiton only. 

Gareth Stehr expresses “In June 2021 I suffered a serious skateboarding accident which left me dealing with a traumatic brain injury. Creating art was key to his rehabilitation. Each piece made Gareth states "represents my triumphs during this journey and I feel that I am back on top... better than ever.  How beautiful and strong the brain is.”

‘The Poetry of Chaos’ is a nice continuation of exploration into the beauty of bold colours expressing strength of emotive and connecting his theory of experiences. The strong expressions of the human figure, boldly using shapes, line and gesture. 

The exploration of the modern beauty in a digital world, as representation of form, sculpture and ideals of the figure. The technique the artist uses is some what experimental as it evolves to the artists ideal of perfection and the artists signature.  Gareth continues to develop his unique style of painting.