Tracy Porteous

My art practice is based in Queenstown and revolves around the central theme of Light.

I consider that new information – new imaginings – is the function of art that allows us to make new connections through new viewpoints. I explore Light through its relationship with photography and environment in terms of mark making and image creation.

Light is a fundamental force of nature and our experience of it is shaped by the constraints of focus and making sense of the world that it shows to us. Yet the visible spectrum, that humans see only partially, must abound with other visual possibilities or artefacts.

This is a foundational concept that I work with–looking at Light in the abstract of the quantum field, outside of focus and sense, and thereby creating new information.

To me, photography is a direct language of Light but it is also a language of the world and its human overlay and these languages are indelibly bound together. I embrace this binary in terms of my philosophy and play with the balances to different degrees in my projects, depending on my conceptual parameters.

5 questions, 5 answers

Do you have a favourite colour?

Not one I can pin down.

How do you take your coffee?


Is there something you cant live without in yourstudio?

My Edward Monkton card about friendship from my friend and fellow artist Cath Davis-Colley.

Who is your favourite artist of all time + now? Why?

Of All Time is Mark Rothko because of the feel of light in his late work (Seagram Murals) and my experience of it in person at the Tate Modern: Now is less obvious butI deeply enjoy work by Joyce Campbell and Anne Noble.

5 words that explain your art

Light, Mark, Abstract, Constructed, Photographic