WANA - weaves the works of Abby Lyman, Carla Ruka, Chantel Matthews, Daniela Cicero, Jeanine Clarkin, Shona Tawhiao, Lyzadie Design, Michelle Huizinga

When two forces interact, they form WANA.

W A N A is a collaboration between makers, creators, and everything else in-between. Brought together through Māori concepts of energies IHI (magnetic force), WEHI (awe/fear), and WANA (activation or outcome of IHI and WEHI), these artists are invited to respond in consideration to how we as women, artists, makers, and designers hold space and time. Although diverse ways of thinking and making, energies have woven them together and found commonalities such as working intuitively, being passionate about sustainability, strong ancestral thinking, non-conforming, and having a powerful presence. There is a strong desire to nurture nature and family.    

WANA weaves the work of eight transformative wāhine artists together for the first time....

Abby Lyman, Carla Ruka, Chantel Matthews, Daniela Cicero, Jeanine Clarkin, Shona Tawhiao, Lyzadie Design, Michelle Huizinga 

These artists prove that as makers, weaving stories is in all our DNA as we lean into trusting ourselves and each other. As storytellers, we capture the essence of time, filling it with creative thought, form, and function.  

W A N A is an archive of resilience and celebration.

1. (noun) essential force, excitement, thrill, power, charm, personal magnetism - psychic force as opposed to spiritual power (mana). 2. (noun) ray (of the sun), beam of light.

1. (verb) (-ngia) to be awesome, afraid, fear. 2. (verb) to be terrible. 3. (noun) dread, fear, something awesome, a response of awe in reaction to ihi.

Wana the outcome of Ihi and Wehi.

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