Lyzadie Design Studio

A New Zealand artist and archidesigner with Pacifica heritage, Lyzadie creates luxury furniture and design pieces that embody timeless form, natural materials, and exquisite craftsmanship. With a strong focus on sustainability, each handcrafted creation from LyZadie Design Studio utilizes rescued materials, minimizing environmental impact. Renault's designs resonate with the Earth's music, offering a harmonious blend of beauty and conscious artistry.

To bring beauty and add richness to our world. The design studio is based in Auckland and collaborates with makers all over the country.

Our style is down to earth sophistication and elegance inspired by New Zealand, sustainably handcrafted by local makers.

It might start as a glimmering spark, then grow, steadily, till the vision for each and every piece by LyZadie Design Studio is fully formed

LETSWEAVE a story of people embarking on a journey to create a beautiful collection. 

An artist weaved into my life...LETSWEAVE was born.

I have always been in love with Tukutuku panels and instantly fell in love with the work of artist Sheree Willman from Wellington. We met, seeds were planted, and a friendship grew.

Bringing life to Sheree's paintings in the form of furniture or objects was a challenging undertaking with respect to Māori concepts, colours, and culture. Sketches of new furniture and objects were formed, then sat idle on pages for more than a year in hibernation until... artist Chantel Matthews weaved her way into my life, inviting me to join six other women artists to participate in an art exhibition called WANA. Those sketches returned to me as this exhibition was the perfect platform for my values. I started to draw the collection, and LETSWEAVE came to life.

I met Dylan out of the blue from a message sent by him or me a while back. When it was time to find the maker for LETSWEAVE, Dylan was the person. After hours of talks, drawings, consultations, and making – LETSWEAVE Round Dining Table was created.  

For me, this collection weaves the collaboration, energy, passion, and life of many people. Ihi is the energy of the inspiration, Wehi is the response, and Wana is the LETSWEAVE Collection.  I believe Wana is something positive that weaves a strong story across time and space based on good values of community and support. When we stand together and support each other, we are stronger. Grounded and supported by the energy of nature.