Upon Return To Birdland

The pieces in this exhibition were inspired by the sacredity of mountains, in particular those of the New Zealand landscape.

The works featured here, made predominantly in India and Nepal, can be thought of shrines devoted to each of the sacred mountains they pay homage to.

Drawing upon Hindu philosophy'where'natural resources are seen as God's, and tying this philosophy'into Maori mythology, I wanted to create an installation that compelled the viewer to reflect upon the Mana of New Zealand's landscapes.

During a six month pilgrimage of the Indian subcontinent, I reflected often on what being raised in New Zealand meant to me, and my relationship with nature, and how the forests and mountains of New Zealand has informed that relationship.

Using wool as the primary medium, I created this exhibition in the hope that I could translate my devotion to New Zealand's wilderness, as well as bring the dialogue of preservation of these sacred sites into the fine art context.

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