SAME BUT DIFFERENT Louise McRae | 29 Aug - 9 Sep 2023

Louise McRae's latest creations engage with the interplay between our surroundings in nature and the constructed world. Her artistic approach involves skillfully intertwining strips of sheet metal and felt with timber, resulting in dynamic wall-mounted sculptures that ripple with movement. An evident passion for her chosen mediums and artistic processes permeates her pieces: the materials interweave in graceful folds and creases, or are manipulated through hammering and clamping techniques. These sculptures come alive through vibrant monochromatic hues, strategically applied to accentuate textural differences, allowing each material's inherent qualities to be prominently displayed. McRae fearlessly pushes her artistic structures to the precipice of collapse, thereby emphasizing their tangible presence and the delicate balance between their cohesive strength and the simultaneous threat of disintegration.

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