Resonating Contours

Rene Jansen has relished the opportunity to respond to the exhibition space at Grey with a series of wall mounted relief sculptures that are vibrant and ethereal.

Precisely executed using abstract, geometric shapes the compositions nonetheless embody a subtle appreciation of mystery and the metaphysical, exploring a space beyond that which is apparent.

We see translucent lucite over industrial metals neutralizing their harsher appearance and building on the three dimensional materiality of the reliefs.

Materials like brass and aluminium have a modern finish and Rene has worked these into a seamless, clean veneer, giving them the appearance of delicate machine made parts, the only trace of the artists hand is in the smoky ethereal reflection which alters as light moves across the sculptures surface.

The artist explains this sculptural process as one that begins with a plan but requires yielding to the materials as their assemblage takes him in unforeseen directions. Tones and colours in this series have been consciously limited to coincide with a monochromatic approach and contribute to intensity and coherence.

The viewers eye is at once disrupted and appeased as Rene engages intuitively with the composition to strike a balance between asymmetry and aesthetic harmony. The artists strength is in his ability to constrain the work to elemental forms while playing on contrasting associations, generating striking and thought provoking works.

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