Freeze Dried Artists

Working from dual experiences synchronised from sites around Auckland, collaboratively interacting with social media encounters via Facebook messenger, capitalising on visual stimuli while engaging with memory, this show is a real life meme.

Found in the public domain a poem by Walter Crane, The Fox Without A Tail?
Said Fox, minus tail in a trap,?
"My friends! here's a lucky mishap:
Give your tails a short lease!"?
But the foxes weren't geese,?
And none followed the fashion of trap.??

Yet Some Fashions Have No Better Reason

As artists we are consistently freeze drying, preserving, and breaking down moments to find an object or medium to express time shared through experience, memory and ideals. A disruption or mishap in our memory is an opportunity to question the reasons that fashions and trends exist or discontinue in both contemporary art but also in social media.

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