Walk On The Wild

25 May – 5 June 2021

'Walk On The Wild' sets out to highlight the strong component of seascapes, wild places that have inspired me and where I have lived.

The rhythms and textures of the natural world. The emotions reflected within and expressed outwardly by a style that is like a controlled wilderness using chance as I wield colour and texture at the canvas in an abstract experimental abstraction.

The figures  in my paintings are etched into the landscape, scraped back from the ground of the paintings and are  like components such as  rock, mud, trees, tides  as being  inseparable from the whole. I  came to Auckland to reconnect with my early childhood and birthplace.. I set up a studio to start painting in this   environment  and visited Whatipu, Mission Bay, Piha, Kare Kare, childhood memories.

Located in West Auckland for a year now. A stone throw's walk down Western Road takes us  to Sandy's Beach in Laingholm. Rather than sandy, the beach is in fact a muddy tidal inlet where I've watched the ebb and flow of the tides. The environment is both tranquil and wild. Giant pohutakawa trees periodically have fallen off the unstable cliffs and lie as mangled bleached limbs on the beach, uncovered at low tide. . The muddy sediment is sculpted by the pattern of waves and mud banks up into rock like protrusions.

Several weeks after I came back to Auckland, lockdown happened and there was a monastic routine to life. Daily walks were allowed. My painting 2020 incorporates mask wearing figures. A visual language now encapsulated in everyone's mind. Identity is obscured for protection. The shadowy figures represent the uncertainty of the times.