Untwist. Unroll. Unfold.

'Untwist. Unroll. Unfold.' is an invitation to a visual notebook of the artist virginiejg, an intimate story of her own emotions through her images. A patchwork of textures and feelings. A poem. A melody with a gentle decrescendo ending.

As she lets her artistic eye wonder and catches beauty in the unnoticed, it reaches her soul and talks to her heart.

By layering one after an other her photos on a big blank wall and embracing and feeding the empty spaces and corners, it makes her revive emotions she encountered as she captured a special moment and makes her engaged with some others.

Time looses its own track and plunges you into a meditative state where everything sits for a minute or as long as you wish and allows you to breathe.

It is an internal journey. A movement through your body and thoughts that leads to the unfolding of your own soul and its purity. Like coming home.

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