Twenty Nine 10 Two Thousand Nineteen

Ercan Cairns is young and inspiring. His creative process is incredibly intuitive with freedom, energy and focus.

With the true passion of art, Ercan can endure many hours in the studio without realising, with many works on the go. He works quickly and always knows when something is finished - he never doubts himself.

He is influenced by American Abstract artists and adopts as they do, he does. The marks and forms are made from the movement of the whole body and emotion of the subconscious allowing the paint to flow on the surface. Forms being the idea of body and soul.

The pleasure of many artistic mentors in his circle (Dagmar Dyck, Andy Leleisi'uao, Fatu Feu'u to name a few) he has a long career in front of him and he will continue to grow and develop his personal language and iconography.

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