Smell the Roses

Grey is showcasing the Nelson based light artist Larisse Hall, who creates unique pieces using light, paint and colour.

Contemplating our everyday, Hall encapsulates the ethereal quality of light, our most primal time 'tool'. In doing so she endorses time as our most precious commodity. We awake and sleep to the rhythms of time and light. It is the basis of existance, directing routine and our daily rituals.

In this age of social and technological advancement, the pressures of our fast paced lifestyle have us constantly prioritizing. Often neglecting or pushing aside, aspects of our lives that deserve attention. Acknowledging this, Hall strips her work back to its most minimal form. Pairing back to relevance and stripping back excess we are left with the bare essentials ' the quintessential essence of that which is important. Revealing the people, things and places we often take for granted.

As a result, Hall's work appears secretive. Smudging life in a blurr of importance, her light infused paintings reveal themselves with time. By day, appearing seductively non-existant they are deliberately blurred, as if in the rush of living. Subtly, at the edge of our subconscious, they tug gently at our awareness. Reminding us of that something important, that could be achievable, if only we had more time. All the things one promises - if only there was more time. The neglected threads that keep us real and connected. Completing us. Smell the roses asserts the need to make time, for all that is essential.

As quoted: Ann Veronica J
anssens 'Passion for Light' Interview 2016: 'We don't give ourselves enough time'. Hall agrees. Giving materiality to light, Hall emphasizes the importance of time. Eking out time in ones schedule for not only others but for self, she encourages time for family, friends and self healing. Her work ' constantly seeking unity and harmony, encapsulating and celebrating the essence of life.

NOTE: Smell the roses, offers an opportunity for contemplation ' enticing audience to make time to experience the works both by day and again by night. (Viewing through the window by night) In offering this as an option Hall highlights the juggle of time. Weighing against other priorities and the already existing schedule, the importance of making time for something visited once, yet again. (As a pre-emptive to time demands ' works are viewable with lights on and lights off, in reference to the cyclic nature of day and night and asserting time as our most precious commodity)

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