Immersed in Flowers

With this new series of works 'Immersed in Flowers', floral artist Georgie Malyon again draws on her ongoing curiosity and fascination with floristry and the occult. The works involve producing the artifice of billowing clouds of smoke in a carefully controlled environment entwined with her first love, flowers.

The symbolism of smoke effortlessly crosses the boundaries of every belief system from Pagan ritual to Christian mass. It allows us to imagine ascendance into mystical realms, beyond the constructs of matter, time and human understanding.

Channelled through light delicate clouds that dissipate into the ether, smoke infers the journey of the immortal soul as it echoes our transition from matter into spirit.

Flowers entwine within human consciousness as a means to celebrate or commiserate with the trials and tribulations of human experience, and as a final gesture to send off the dead into the afterlife. Ultimately, flowers are an enduring symbol of human mortality or memento mori ' echoing the ever present life/death cycle.

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