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Pūmanawa/ Intuitio

Artistic Passport Aotearoa

Intuitio is the Latin root-word for ‘the intuitive’ in a number of different languages,  also meaning ‘to scrutinise’, and ‘the act of seeing’.  Pūmanawa is the word used by tangata whenua for ‘intuitive cleverness’, however, is also associated with ‘the drawing in of a long breath’, and with ‘heartbeat’.  Pūmanawa/ Intuitio invites intiutively-led approaches to artmaking in response personal niches within Aotearoa lifestyles.

Artistic Passport Aotearoa describes an artist group who are settlers of diverse ethnicity, some multigenerational and others recent migrants.  Enthicities include Māori, NZ European, Pasifika, Manx, South African, French, Asian and Caribbean.  Passport signifies travel between countries, and also implies artistic licence, and the permission to be artistic beyond the conventional and institutional.  

Pūmanawa/ Intuitio: Artistic Passport Aotearoa is an invitation to be authentic to ones own cultural values and self, whilst reflecting the common denominator of an Aotearoa lifestyle.  Artists are asked to consider their heritage, placement and/or displacement, the negotiation of challenges, and those things to be daily celebrated.  You are invited to respond intuitively with creative freedom within your established (or disestablished!) or emergent new-media approaches.


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