Nadene Carr

"My practice is contemporary jewellery/sculpture. I plan to further my making with mild steel, looking into the bedroom and the objects found within. Also responding to the work Cristina has made allowing a conversation between each maker."

Nadene’s vessels reflect on the body form and the memories of the bedroom to offer an expression of love, or succour to the unwell.  Mild steel and welding techniques display an honesty and rawness juxtaposing beauty and aggression. As a jeweller, Nadene addresses ideas of beauty, value, and function in personal and intimate, adornment.  

New Zealand born artist Nadene Carr completed an Auckland Bachelor of Visual Art in 2009. A participant in Handshake 1, 3 and 5. Her work looks at the dynamic relationship between the beautiful and ugly. Carr pushes the aesthetic elements of what constitutes the beautiful and the ugly by investigating the provocative and challenging concepts that arise: culture, gender, age, taste and appropriation.